Influence of girlsEdit

This subject is not aimed at girls being a problem but the people who act different when one is present.

This section discusses the influence that girls have in the chat, Once a girl joins the chat most peoples attention is drawn away from the current issue or subject at hand and the all kiss up to the girl, The girl is usually bombarded with welcomes a unusual amount of questions.

The opinions of othersEdit

Having your own opinion can get you banned on the chat. The highest of offenses being, insulting the show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic. If you say anything towards your disrespect of brony's the show, or My Little Pony, in general it will get you a warning. They however do not have problems with insulting The Fallout Wiki, AKA, The Vault. In addition to this, poking fun at the United States of America will also get you a ban. However it has been known to commonly insult Canada and not get in trouble and if anything applause.