About meEdit

Well my name is Daniel, I am a gamer, writer, song write, singer, parodist, footballer and Halo photographer.

Top 10'sEdit

My top 10 games would be: 1. Halo 2, 2. Halo: Combat Evolved, 3. Time Splitters: Future Perfect, 4. Grand Theft Auto Vice City, 5. Command & Conquer Red Alert 2, 6. Star Wars Battlefront II 7. Halo 3, 8. Need For Speed Most Wanted, 9, The Elder Scrolls iv: Oblivion, 10. The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

My top 10 music artists are 1. Linkin Park, 2. Blink-182, 3. Breaking Benjamin, 4. Example, 5. Sway, 6. Paramore 7. Pendulum, 8. Disturbed, 9. Dead By Sunrise, 10. Rammstien.

My top 10 films 1. Halo legends, 2.

My top 10 TV shows 1. Doctor Who, 2. The Big Bang Theory,


Halo Nation ChatEdit

When i joined the chat i was looking to meet some people who enjoyed playing Halo as i do but then i found myself compelled to stay and talk to the people there, At first i was kicked by a Chat Moderator for a invalid reason and i was unbanned soon after.

A week goes by and i am promoted to a Chat Moderator and i take up my role of enforcing the rules on Halo Nation, Not too long after i was promoted i found that the Chat Moderators and Admins were using their rights to their advantage and bending the rules to their will.

Near the end of November i gave up my Chat Moderator rights because i did not wish to be part of a group of people who are far from Chat Moderators and within minutes of leaving my position i was given 2 warnings about the way i was acting, Even tho i was acting the same when i was a Chat Moderator.

Just before i gave up my Chat Moderator rights there was a disaster on the chat that i could not stop due to the ones committing these acts being Chat Moderators and one Admin, There was at least 1 hours length of "Sex Role Play" on the wikis chat, New and regular users were sickened by these events and after 443 messages on the chat the role play was still ongoing, I decided to contact a admin and inform him of the events and my suggested rule was then created. (Rule 19: No Sex Role Play in the chat.)

Ever since i have given up my Chat Moderator rights i have seen a very big downfall in standards in the Halo Nation chat, Chat Moderators and users were breaking the rules more often and no action was being taken and now the freedom of speech is being removed from the chat.